Two Toned Glittery Nails


Two Toned Glittery Nails

The end result kind of looks like starry night sky, which is just a happy coincidence!! So to do this, believe it or not I used cling wrap. I know very strange thing to use on your nails, but i found this method while browsing pinterest (it has the best inspirations for everything! if you don’t use it, i highly recommend it) and I decided to try it out!

So first you need two tones of the same colour, i used a light shimmery blue and a navy blue that has glitter in it. Depending on the order you put the colours you could end up with different looks, I put the lighter colour on first.
After that first colour is completely dry, apply the second colour all over and while it’s still wet press a piece of cling wrap over it. This will take away the some of the colour so that your other colour shows through! It doesn’t even matter if your cling wrap gets all stuck together because the more crinkled up it is the more interesting the patterns are!

So to add a little something extra I decided to add some sparkles to my nails. First I used technicoloured small sized glitter in clear polish and the over that I just used silver glitter in different sizes.
This method is really good because you can use heaps of different colours, it doesn’t even have to be two tones of the same colour. You can use contrasting colour like blue and orange or purple and yellow to make them more interesting!! The possibilities are endless!


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