Circle Patterned Nails


Circle Patterned Nails

These are my Circle Patterned Nails. To do this I painted a base coat as normal, you can use any colour you like, I felt like purple!! You will need a straw for the next part to create the circles 😉 It’s neat little trick isn’t it!

So once the first colour is dry choose a second colour and put some on a plastic plate so you can dip the end of the straw into it. Make sure there is a lot of polish on the straw and that there is no bubble covering the opening of the straw. If there is just blow on the other end to pop it so that it doesn’t just create a large blob when you put it on your nail. Then firmly press the straw onto your nail and hold for a couple of seconds to let the polish transfer.

Repeat this again and again on your nails until you are happy with the design. To add to it I used some silver sparkly nail polish to line around some of the circles before adding a top coat to protect the design. A friend told me that the circles looked like coffee mug stains on a napkin which I really like the idea of. You could choose brown colours to make it look more like coffee and play around with the patterns of the circles and just be creative!


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