Puzzle Pieces


Puzzle Pieces

This is really easy to do and it looks great as well!! So to do this you’ll need 4 different coloured nail polishes, a black and a top coat nail polish, an thin paintbrush, scotch tape and a dotting tool. If you dont have a dotting tool you can improvise one out if a pin head stuck into a cork or rubber on the end of a pencil. You can also use the flat end of a tooth pick or anything else with a small circular end that you don’t mind putting nail polish all over.

Start by placing tape over the top half of your nails and paint one colour in one quarter of your nail then the second colour right next to it, this will form your bottom two puzzle pieces. Once these colours are dry remove the tape and carefully paint your other two colours into each quarter.

Next put some black nail polish on a plastic plate and use your paintbrush to paint thin lines over where each colour meets. The still using the black polish use the dotting tool to then place four little dots to create the outline of the puzzle pieces. Now use the dotting tool again to colour the puzzle connecter bits according to the colour of each of the sections. Add a top coat to seal the design and your done. Enjoy your puzzle pieced nails!!


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