Blue and White Stripes


Blue and White Stripes

This was done using sticky tape and it did require a bit of patience because you have to wait for each layer of polish to dry completely, so if you decide to try this out i recommend giving yourself plenty of time even watch a movie while you do it. You can use quick drying nail polishes to speed up the process.

So first apply a base coat, then your first colour (mine was a middle blue colour). Get two small pieces of tape and stick them down on another surface and then peel them off again before you stick them down on your nail. This will help to prevent any sticky stuff staying on your nails when you peel the tape off. Stick the tape in any way you want with the other piece next to it to make a stripe. Then paint your second colour (mine was white) over the tape and wait for it to dry completely before carefully peeling the tape back.

Repeat this until your nail is filled with as many stripes as you want. I added a silver glitter nail polish to one of the white stripes to add a little interest but you can’t really see that in the photo. And then of course finish with a top coat and then you’re done!


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