This is my glittery version of a french tip manicure. To do this I started with a natural toned nail polish that is still clear but with a pinky tinge to it. Then I got a course sponge and two different kinds of glitter in clear nail polish. One with small glitter and the other with larger glitters. I applied the smaller glittered polish directly onto the edge of the sponge and the dabbed it over the tip of my nail and continued to do this until the whole tip is covered. I also applied glitter to the middle section of my nails but not as much as at the tip so it has a gradient going into the tip.
Then over the top of that I added the larger glittered nail polish to give it some variety in size. Once all of it was dry I put a clear top coat to protect the glitter and prevent chipping. I really like this look, it’s very elegant looking. You could also do this same process but with a colour underneath. I think black with the silver glitter would look great!


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