Spring Flowers


Spring Flowers

It’s the beginning of Spring here in Australia although with this rainy weather it doesn’t really feel like, but never the less I decided to do some spring themed nails this week. For my spring flower design I painted my nails a blue green as a background colour to for the flowers.
Then I used my home made dotting tool (a sewing pin with a small head stuck into the eraser of a pencil) to place three yellow dots spread out in a triangle on each of my nails to form the centre of each flower. For my thumbs I did five because it would actually fit.
To create the petals, if you haven’t guessed already I just used my dotting tool to place 5 dots around each of the yellow dots. I used pink, purple and copper colours but you can use whatever you want, you can make them all the same colour or even all different. This is a fun one because you can play around with where you place each flower as well. Have fun with it!


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