Black & Gold


IMG_1930 IMG_1935

This weeks nails were inspired by nails Pshiiit, you can find the original post by clicking here. This came up in my Pinterest feed and loved it so I decided to try it out myself. Though I have used different colours I think the effect is still the same.


I chose to use a glittery gold to compliment a green dress that I wanted to wear to a party. I painted all my nails with two coats of polish because the polish I used is a bit translucent with only one coat. Once it was completely dry, i placed pieces of masking tape cut into triangles with the pointy end towards the tip of my nails. I used about 4 piece of extremely pointy end triangle shaped masking tape per nail. I placed them all in different directions to mix it up a bit. I then painted the tip of my nails black over the masking tape. To reveal the jagged points I peeled away the tape once the black polish was completely dry. I finished with a shiny top coat. I hope you enjoy them!


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