Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat


Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

I just bought this Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat range Nail Polish. It’s called ‘All Yarned Up’, which is quite a cute name if you ask me. I really wanted to try it out but I wasn’t ready to take off my nail polish for the week yet so I just did my thumb haha. It came out really well and it feels really cool to touch once it’s dry. My only problem with it, is that you have to apply at least three coats before you get it looking like this. And you have to wait for each coat to dry! This is fine, except I’m really impatient when it comes to my nails and when I have to wait for polish to dry for too long it always ends up chipping or smudging, etc. I could deal with one coat, but then it wouldn’t look like it’s meant to, it just kind of looks like non glittery glitter, if that makes sense… Anyway enough of my ranting. If your patient enough this polish creates a really nice effect and looks great!


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