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Halloween Eyes!



It’s Halloween tomorrow! So to celebrate I did some simple halloween style nails. They are very quick and easy to do. I just went with a simple design, floating eyes on a dark background. To do these nails you will need: black nail polish, white nail polish, a top coat and a dotting tool (a home made one will do: sick a pin with a round head into the eraser of a pencil).

.                           IMG_2111IMG_2112

First of all you will need to paint all of your nails black. Once this is dry dab some white polish onto a plastic sheet or paper plate. Use the dotting tool to make two dots next to each other on each nail. This will be the whites of the eyes. I did mine really random in different parts of the nail and some crooked. If you want you can also use red or yellow to make creepy sick looking eyes. once the white has dried dab some black polish onto your palette and use the dotting tool to put smaller dots inside the white dots to make the pupil of the eyes. Add a top coat and your done. This design is really good because it doesn’t matter where you place the dots, they’ll still look like eyes looking out of the darkness. I hope you enjoy these nails and Happy Halloween for tomorrow!!


Netted Nails



This week I experimented with using a net to create a pattern on my nails. First I painted my all my nails alternating between silver and black. I just chose these two colours at random. Next I took an old netted glove bought from the $2 shop and cut it so that it could be laid out flat.



Now comes the experimental part. I tried applying polish to to net first and then pressing the net down onto my nail. This worked ok for the silver pressed onto the black but my  black nail polish for some reason did not want to transfer from the net to my nail nicely.


 So next I tried placing the net over the top of my nail with out any polish on it and then using the nail polish brush I just dabbed the polish into the holes. This worked out much much better! So I did this for all of my nails, using the alternate colours to what I first painted my nails. That it I using silver polish over the black polish and black polish over the silver polish. 


The end result kind of reminds me of a giraffe’s spots, which I find really funny! If I had used brown and yellow it would have made the perfect giraffe pattern. As always I finished it off with a top coat and for this one I needed to clean around my nails a little with an ear bud and some nail polish remover. Enjoy!

Fuzzy Coat Inspired Nails


.                 IMG_2007               IMG_2014

This design was inspired by Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat- 200 All Yarned Up nail polish that I recently bought. I did a post about it a couple weeks ago: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat. As I explained in that post, I hate waiting for nail polish to dry and with this polish you need to apply at least three coats. So in my impatience I came up with these nails so I would get to use the Fuzzy Coat but not have to wait as long as I only have a few nails with it on. To create this look you will need: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat (any colour), A base colour polish that matches your fuzzy coat colour, a dotting tool (mine’s homemade), a piece of plastic or a surface to put polish on, cotton balls or tissues, 3 other colours that match your fuzzy coat colour and a shiny top coat.


Step 1: Apply the base coat colour to all of your nails. I used a mauve colour from Satin and I only needed one coat.

Step 2: Apply the Fuzzy Coat polish to two nails on one hand and two nails on the other hand as well. My Fussy coat colour is ‘All Yarned Up’. I just chose the nails at random, in case you were wondering. You will need to keep applying coats of this as it dries. I did 4 coats and I kinda of skipped the waiting for it to dry step and just applied the coats over each other while it was wet, which resulted in the little glitter like pieces all being pushed up to the tip of my nail. But eventually I got it looking pretty good.


Step 3: Take your three colours that match your Fuzzy Coat Colour and dab a little of each onto a piece of plastic. With your dotting tool create a line of dots on the remaining nails. Use a cotton ball or tissue so clean the dotting tool between each colour. I used my homemade dotting tool made by sticking a pin into the rubber on the end of a pencil. 

I also don’t have any light pastel coloured polishes that would have matched with the Fuzzy coat so I mixed my polishes. I just dabbed a bit of the colour and white next to each other on the plastic and used my dotting tool to mix it together.


Step 4: This step is optional if you just want to keep it like that. I just wanted to add a little extra so I chose one nail and covered it all in dots using the same colours from before. I tried to evenly spread out the colours as much as possible, but other than that the dot placement was entirely random.

Step 5: Apply a clear shiny top coat to all of your nails and it’s all done. Have fun!

.               IMG_2008                IMG_2015

Brush Flicks


.                    IMG_1981                 IMG_1990

This one was really quick and easy to do! All you need is a a few nail polishes in different tones of the same colour, or that will go together well, a top coat and a thin brush. I just used a brush I’ve had for ages, that I’m pretty sure I got from a $2 shop. You will also need nail polish remover in a tiny container to clean the brush when you change colours.


To start with I painted my nails in a light blue colour with little flecks of silver glitter in it. I did two coats of this as it is a really light polish, even with two coats it’s really light. For the lines I used a  medium blue, a blue green and a silver nail polish. I think these all work really well together. I used my brush and using the medium blue first (I did the darkest to lightest in colours) I just did random brush flicks starting at the base of the nail towards the tip.


 I left a small section (about the size you would do a french tip) at the tip of my nail clear so it looks like a flick rather than just lines along the nail. I did this with every colour until I was satisfied with the result. Don’t be afraid to go back over it if you feel there isn’t enough of one colour, but be careful not to over do it. Then apply a shiny top coat and your done. Hope you like this design.




This week’s nails are stripes! I decided on stripes because I recently bought some new nail polish and I wanted to use them so I did! I bought a few colours but the two I used here are Revlon Metallic- 928 Silver Dollar and Rimmel London- 200 Orange Your Life. To do these nails you will need two different coloured polishes of you choice, masking tape or equivalent, scissors, top coat.


So the first thing I did was to paint one coat of Silver Dollar on all of my nails. It looks good on it’s own too and I love the metallic look.Next i cut the masking tape into strips of reasonably similar thickness. Once the Silver Dollar was completely dry I stuck down the strips of tape onto each nail. I had two strips of tape per nail and again I tried to place them as evenly spaced as I could. Tip: Before you stick the tape onto your nail you should stick it on your palm or any area of skin a few times. This will remove the stickiness of the tape so that went you stick it to your nail and then remove it, there’s no sticky residue from the tape.

IMG_1965 copyIMG_1967

Once all of my nails were taped up, I applied a coat of Orange Your Life. I found that you could see the silver through just one coat so I applied a second one to give it more solidarity. Then once this was completely dry, I peeled the pieces of tape off of all my nails to reveal the silver colour underneath. And there you have your stripes!! As always I finished it off with a shiny top coat. I hope you enjoy these nails!IMG_1966