This week’s nails are stripes! I decided on stripes because I recently bought some new nail polish and I wanted to use them so I did! I bought a few colours but the two I used here are Revlon Metallic- 928 Silver Dollar and Rimmel London- 200 Orange Your Life. To do these nails you will need two different coloured polishes of you choice, masking tape or equivalent, scissors, top coat.


So the first thing I did was to paint one coat of Silver Dollar on all of my nails. It looks good on it’s own too and I love the metallic look.Next i cut the masking tape into strips of reasonably similar thickness. Once the Silver Dollar was completely dry I stuck down the strips of tape onto each nail. I had two strips of tape per nail and again I tried to place them as evenly spaced as I could. Tip: Before you stick the tape onto your nail you should stick it on your palm or any area of skin a few times. This will remove the stickiness of the tape so that went you stick it to your nail and then remove it, there’s no sticky residue from the tape.

IMG_1965 copyIMG_1967

Once all of my nails were taped up, I applied a coat of Orange Your Life. I found that you could see the silver through just one coat so I applied a second one to give it more solidarity. Then once this was completely dry, I peeled the pieces of tape off of all my nails to reveal the silver colour underneath. And there you have your stripes!! As always I finished it off with a shiny top coat. I hope you enjoy these nails!IMG_1966


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