Halloween Eyes!



It’s Halloween tomorrow! So to celebrate I did some simple halloween style nails. They are very quick and easy to do. I just went with a simple design, floating eyes on a dark background. To do these nails you will need: black nail polish, white nail polish, a top coat and a dotting tool (a home made one will do: sick a pin with a round head into the eraser of a pencil).

.                           IMG_2111IMG_2112

First of all you will need to paint all of your nails black. Once this is dry dab some white polish onto a plastic sheet or paper plate. Use the dotting tool to make two dots next to each other on each nail. This will be the whites of the eyes. I did mine really random in different parts of the nail and some crooked. If you want you can also use red or yellow to make creepy sick looking eyes. once the white has dried dab some black polish onto your palette and use the dotting tool to put smaller dots inside the white dots to make the pupil of the eyes. Add a top coat and your done. This design is really good because it doesn’t matter where you place the dots, they’ll still look like eyes looking out of the darkness. I hope you enjoy these nails and Happy Halloween for tomorrow!!


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