Dotted Diagonal French Tips



I bought Revlon Whimsical (430) polish a while back and still haven’t had the chance to use it so for this weeks nails Whimsical inspired the whole design. If you want to try this one you will need: Whimsical by Revlon (or another colour if you want), white nail polish (mine is just the cheap BYS one), a dotting tool (again mine is homemade- a little sewing pin stuck into the rubber of a pencil) and a top coat.


First paint your all of your nails with Whimsical. Depending on the intensity of the colour you want you can do however many coats you want. To get mine this colour I applied three coats of the Whimsical polish to make the colour less opaque. With only one coat the colour looked more pearly white rather than the light grey blue colour I got with three.


Next take your dotting tool and dip it into your white polish. I find it helpful to put a dab of the polish onto a piece of plastic or paper to easily dip the dotting tool into. Though the polish can dry out before your done so you may have to put more on. Make a diagonal line on your nail starting at one corner and ending in about the centre of your nail on the opposite side. Note: This picture is of the first one I did and the dots were too big and didn’t look good, so I changed the size of the pin on my homemade dotting tool to make smaller dots. Once you have you diagonal dotted line as a guide you can fill in the section at the top of the nail with dots. You could do it randomly if you want but in my opinion it’s better to do more diagonal dotted lines working your way up until you fill up the whole section.


And finally of course finish them off with a clear shiny top coat. These nails are super cute and really easy to do. I hope you love them as much as I do! 😀


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