Silver and White Dotted French Tips


I wanted some simple french tips this week and I wanted them to be quick and easy without the hassle of using stickers or tape to get them perfect. So I came up with these cute dotted french tips. To do them you will need, white and solver nail polishes as well as a clear top coat and a dotting tool. As you probably already know the dotting tool I use is home made by sticking a sewing pin with a small head into the eraser of a pencil. It works just as well.


To begin clean your nails properly because you will be able to see your nails through the clear polish. Once your nails are clean, paint a single coat of clear polish on each nail. Let them dry. Next take a sheet of plastic, like an ice cream lid  or a paper plate and dab a drop of silver polish and a dab of white polish onto it. This will be used for the tips. Use the dotting tool place dots along the tip of your nail. I did mine two dots wide and about five dots in length. The dots are completely random, there was no pattern with the colours either. Once you’ve done all of you nails and the dots are all dry you can finish them off with a shiny clear top coat. Enjoy these easy French tips.

.                         IMG_2094 IMG_2095


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