Dotted Circles



This week I did some dotted circles on my nails. I used seven polishes for this (four colours, black, white, clear top coat), a dotting tool (mine is home made: a pin stuck into the eraser of a pencil), a spare brush and a sheet of plastic (you can use a paper plate or whatever you like). Β 

The first thing I did was mix up some polishes to make a new colour. I’ve started doing this more lately because I’m finding that I don’t have colours that I want and I’m too poor to buy new polishes at the moment. So I mix new colours out of what I’ve already got. πŸ˜€ For this I mixed black and a metallic silver with tiny glitters in it, to get a smokey, shimmery grey colour which I love. I just mixed the two colours on my plastic with a spare polish brush from an old polish bottle and used that brush to paint all of my nails in this colour. You may need to mix more as you go, but I find that it’s better to have to mix more than to have heaps of left overs that will just be wasted.


Next I chose my three colours for my dotted circles. I used an orange, green and purple. When I put the orange on it didn’t show against the darker polish so I used white in place of the orange and the when it was dry I did the orange over the top so it could be seen. I placed my circles randomly on each nail and started with a centre point for each one. Then I went around the starting dot until I made a circle. I continued this with the two other colours for the next two circles. Last of all I applied a shiny clear top coat to finish!


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