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Blue Freckled Nails


Tones of Blue Dots!

This was just a quick job, I rushed it and surprisingly it turned out really good! Yay! So I started out with a base colour of really pale blue with a slight shimmer to it. This is just so that any spaces that I missed with my dots was covered as well.  I used 5 different shades of blue for this, including a blue green colour. I had a dob of each colour polish laid out on a plastic sheet so it was easy to just dip in my dotting tool and randomly place dots all over each of my nails. I had tissues handy to wipe the dotting tool clean before changing colours. I finished it off as always with a shiny top coat, hope you like these blue freckled nails!



Night Time Sparklies For My Friend!


Night Time Sparklies for my Friend!

I painted my friends nails when she came over last week. We decided on a simple black with silver glitter on the tips. I also did a full glitter nail accent on the middle nails. I’ve done something like this before but with a clear base polish. You can find it here.

So if you want nail this look, you just need to start with a base coat of black polish on all of your nails. Once that’s dry take a sponge, I used a course  one because I find that it applies glitter better than a make up sponge, but a make up sponge will still work. There are a few ways to do the glitter. You can use a range of polishes with glitter already in them, preferably a clear polish. You can dab it onto your sponge and then again dab the sponge onto your nail where you want the glitter to be.

The way I did it was using loose glitter powder. I have it in a little tub which is the perfect size to dip my sponge into. To make the glitter stick to the nails, I apply a clear polish onto the sponge before dipping it in glitter. Then apply the glitter to your nail only to the tips, I generally do it for half my nail so it becomes a gradual dispersion of the glitter. I never worry about trying to keep the glitter only on the nail because you’ll never get good coverage if your trying to avoid your skin. You can always clean up any excess glitter with an ear bud and some polish remover when you’re done. If you want to have an accent nail covered in glitter just use the same method but cover your whole nail rather than just the tips. Don’t forget to cover the glitter with a clear top coat to seal it all in and to help to stop the glitter from coming off. Enjoy the sparklies everyone!

All Wrapped Up!


All Wrapped Up!

It’ll be Christmas soon so I’ve done some Christmas inspired nails! I’ve done some shimmery purple present nails wrapped in silver ribbon and 3 little white baubles for decoration. They’re super easy to do and pretty quick as well. First thing you need to do is choose your colour, I went with silver and purple because they’re the only two shimmery colours I have that work together and I wanted a festive look. I also used a plain white polish for the baubles.


Now you just need to paint all of your nails with one coloured polish, in my case the purple. Once dry you can do the off centre cross that makes the ribbon. I just used the polish brush that came with the polish and lightly traced the lines onto my nails. You need to be very careful not to make the line too thick if you do it this way. Otherwise you can use a thin brush to do these lines. Again you need to wait for this to dry before doing the next part, which is the little baubles over the intersection of your cross. You will need to use a dotting tool and by now you should know mine ishomemade with a sewing pin stuck into the eraser of a pencil. I put a little polish onto a plastic sheet to make it easier to dip my dotting tool into. You just need to dab three dots onto the part of lines that cross over in a little triangle.

Finally finish off with a clear shiny top coat and the look is finished! You’ll be all wrapped up and ready for Christmas! I hope you enjoy this look and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Hi everyone! So Ginger Loves Makeup tagged me in this getting to know you thing. Here are my answers:

Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
In between, wavy.

Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
I don’t dye my hair.

Do you wear the same style everyday or do you change it?
I generally can’t be bothered to change my hairstyle, but for special occasions i’ll straighten my fringe instead of pinning it back.

Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I always do it myself, I love painting my nails. Some of my design don’t turn out very well, but it’s never stopped me

How often do you change your nail polish?
I usually change it every week but on my holidays I will do them more often because I have more time.

Do you polish your toes in winter or just in summer?
Both, but sometimes I can’t be bothered so they’re left untended to.

How long does it take you to put on your make up?
A couple minutes.

What do you do first, face or eyes?

Do you collect make-up or do you just buy what you need and when you need it?
I buy what I need to when I need it, or more accurately I con my mum into buying it for me 😛

How often do you wear false eyelashes?
I only ever wear them for dance concerts and comps, never casually.

Do you do a full-face make-up everyday?

Do you wear make-up when you’re home alone or with your family?
Nope I don’t see the point.

Would you leave the house without make-up on?
Yeap, there are days when I just can’t be bothered, or if I sleep in and theres no time. I can usually pull it off, especially if it’s summer and I have a tan.

How many high-end products do you own?

Do you plan your OOTD every night or when you’re getting dressed?
Nah, I’m way too lazy for that. I just have in my mind outfits that i know look good and stick with it.

How often do you change your handbag?
My handbag changes with the what I wear.

What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
When I have uni I get up at 7am and go bed at 10-11pm and if not I get up when I get up and sleep when I sleep.

Left-handed or right-handed?

How tall are you?
5’2″ so really short haha 😀

How many pets do you have?
I have 9 gold fish named: Johnny Depth, Eric, Ariel, Fantasia, Bubbles, Rusty, Bad Boy Blackle, Scales and Persephone (Per-seff-on-ee).

How do you blog?
It takes me a while to post my stuff. I try to do one a week but sometimes I slack a little.

Do you read comments posted on blogs?
Yes but only when it applies to something I’m interested in.

Do you keep a list of products you see on other blogs?
Not really, sometimes a something will catch my eye but otherwise no.

How did you come up with your blog name?
My nickname is Nic and Nac rhymes with Nic and my blog is about nails 😀

What’s your favorite color?
Blue! All shades of blue

Do you swear?
Yes, it gets worse when I’m angry.

What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Well it’s almost midnight so I’m off to bed.

Good night and Seasons Greetings to you all! 😀

Silver Glitter Triangles!



My uncle recently went to the Philippines to visit family and bought me back a stash of nail polish because it’s about AUD $1 each over there! YAY! 😀 I couldn’t wait to use some of them so here I’ve used two in this design. One was a clear polish with teal, red, gold, silver and green glitters called The Big Bang by Bobbie and the other is a deep purple colour called African Plum by Caronia. I used the plum as a base colour for the glitter seeing as it has a clear polish. I really liked the glitter because it’s really packed in and I only needed one coat of it to get my nail completely covered in glitter!


I was really hesitant to add to the glitter because as you can see  it looks good by itself. But of course I didn’t leave it there, I decided to create triangle section to show the glitter through. To do this I used masking tape, which I cut into triangles and stuck on the middle of my nails alternating the direction of the point. Originally I wanted to keep some of my nails with just the glitter but then decided not to. I did little triangles up from the base of my nail by cutting an inverse triangle out of masking tape to stick over the remaining nails. I then used a silver polish to paint all the exposed bits of nail. Once dry, remove the tape to reveal the glitter! I was impatient as always and didn’t wait long enough for it to dry so some of the triangle were wobbly. I fixed that by adding dots of the African Plum polish around each triangle to hide the dodgy edges. I finished with my shiny top coat. Enjoy! 😀


Purple Glitter Stripes


Purple Glitter Stripes

This are my glitter striped nails that I did a while back and totally forgot to post. I only have one photo of them, which is probably why I missed it. Anyway, for this design I had to do a lot of layers of polish. The glitter polish I used is Revlon ‘Brilliant Bordeaux’ which has the purple glitter with some silver as well but the polish colour isn’t quite clear, it has a murky blackness to it. I found this out the hard way after painting my nails all white, thinking it would help the purple colour stand out more. Instead you could see all the murky blackness, which wasn’t very nice so I just kept adding more coats of the glitter until you couldn’t see it anymore! It would probably have been easier to just start again using a dark purple or black base colour but oh well.

For the next part the layers and layers of glitter needed to be completely dry and I mean completely so I waited over night! haha when it was dry I used making tape cut into strips and stuck on two strips per nail. I did some diagonal and some straight etc just to get some variation and make them more exciting. Once all the strips of masking tape were stuck down I painted over them with black polish. And then waited and waited for it to dry so I could peel the tape off to reveal the pretty glitters. The final thing to do was apply the top coat to make it even more shiny 😉

Black and White Gradient with a Cross Accent Nail



I’ve been slacking the last couple of weeks with my blogging because I’m finally on holidays and I’ve been doing all the things that I told myself I would do when I had time! I’ve still been doing my nails every week, I just haven’t been posting them. So here are my nails from last week. 😀 This is a simple black and white gradient I did with an accent nail featuring a dotted cross. To do this I used of course black and white nail polish, as well as a clear top coat polish, a make up sponge, a piece of plastic to use as a mini palette for the polish and my trusty home made dotting tool.

IMG_2245First of all I painted all my nails white as a base colour. This just makes sure that when you sponge the gradient polish on your whole nail will be cover in polish and also helps to make any colours you use pop. When they’re dry, take a make up sponge and dab some black polish in a line at one end of the sponge. Then dab some white nail polish in a line underneath this leaving a gap between the two colours. That space is where you will need to mix the two colours together to make a grey colour that will create the soft gradient from white to black. I know in the pic that there’s red on the sponge but you can just ignore that, it’s just residual polish from a previous nail design. Keep in mind that you will need to dab this onto your nails, so make sure your nails will fit into the polish section you make on your sponge. Also remember that polish dries so don’t take too long blending the colours or you’ll end up with dry polish that won’t transfer to your nails easily. 

Once your satisfied with the smoothness of the gradient dab the sponge onto your nail making sure to cover the whole nail with polish. Don’t be afraid to keep dabbing over and over until your nail is covered, you don’t have to stop after one press of the sponge. Doing this will get polish all over your skin, but that can easily be cleaned up in the end, plus the colours are always stronger  the more you dab. Usually I can get two nails done before having to apply more polish to the sponge.

Now, you can do this for all of your nails and you can use any colours you want but keep in mind that some colours mix better than others. Like blue and green will mix well because they’re composite colours, complimentary colours won’t mix as well but can still look great  on your nails. If you want, you can add in an accent nail like I have done. I just kept my middle nail on each hand with the white base coat and used my dotting tool to create a line of dots off centre up my nail and another dotted line across. The end result kinda reminds me of a wrapped up present, which I really like. So that’s all, oh yeah I almost forgot the shiny clear top coat but that’s a given. haha! I hope you like these nails and that you try them out yourself!