Purple Glitter Stripes


Purple Glitter Stripes

This are my glitter striped nails that I did a while back and totally forgot to post. I only have one photo of them, which is probably why I missed it. Anyway, for this design I had to do a lot of layers of polish. The glitter polish I used is Revlon ‘Brilliant Bordeaux’ which has the purple glitter with some silver as well but the polish colour isn’t quite clear, it has a murky blackness to it. I found this out the hard way after painting my nails all white, thinking it would help the purple colour stand out more. Instead you could see all the murky blackness, which wasn’t very nice so I just kept adding more coats of the glitter until you couldn’t see it anymore! It would probably have been easier to just start again using a dark purple or black base colour but oh well.

For the next part the layers and layers of glitter needed to be completely dry and I mean completely so I waited over night! haha when it was dry I used making tape cut into strips and stuck on two strips per nail. I did some diagonal and some straight etc just to get some variation and make them more exciting. Once all the strips of masking tape were stuck down I painted over them with black polish. And then waited and waited for it to dry so I could peel the tape off to reveal the pretty glitters. The final thing to do was apply the top coat to make it even more shiny 😉


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  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 Loving these nails. Had a look at the rest of your posts too.. and they’ve given me lots of nail inspiration!! xxx

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