Silver Glitter Triangles!



My uncle recently went to the Philippines to visit family and bought me back a stash of nail polish because it’s about AUD $1 each over there! YAY! 😀 I couldn’t wait to use some of them so here I’ve used two in this design. One was a clear polish with teal, red, gold, silver and green glitters called The Big Bang by Bobbie and the other is a deep purple colour called African Plum by Caronia. I used the plum as a base colour for the glitter seeing as it has a clear polish. I really liked the glitter because it’s really packed in and I only needed one coat of it to get my nail completely covered in glitter!


I was really hesitant to add to the glitter because as you can see  it looks good by itself. But of course I didn’t leave it there, I decided to create triangle section to show the glitter through. To do this I used masking tape, which I cut into triangles and stuck on the middle of my nails alternating the direction of the point. Originally I wanted to keep some of my nails with just the glitter but then decided not to. I did little triangles up from the base of my nail by cutting an inverse triangle out of masking tape to stick over the remaining nails. I then used a silver polish to paint all the exposed bits of nail. Once dry, remove the tape to reveal the glitter! I was impatient as always and didn’t wait long enough for it to dry so some of the triangle were wobbly. I fixed that by adding dots of the African Plum polish around each triangle to hide the dodgy edges. I finished with my shiny top coat. Enjoy! 😀



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