Night Time Sparklies For My Friend!


Night Time Sparklies for my Friend!

I painted my friends nails when she came over last week. We decided on a simple black with silver glitter on the tips. I also did a full glitter nail accent on the middle nails. I’ve done something like this before but with a clear base polish. You can find it here.

So if you want nail this look, you just need to start with a base coat of black polish on all of your nails. Once that’s dry take a sponge, I used a course  one because I find that it applies glitter better than a make up sponge, but a make up sponge will still work. There are a few ways to do the glitter. You can use a range of polishes with glitter already in them, preferably a clear polish. You can dab it onto your sponge and then again dab the sponge onto your nail where you want the glitter to be.

The way I did it was using loose glitter powder. I have it in a little tub which is the perfect size to dip my sponge into. To make the glitter stick to the nails, I apply a clear polish onto the sponge before dipping it in glitter. Then apply the glitter to your nail only to the tips, I generally do it for half my nail so it becomes a gradual dispersion of the glitter. I never worry about trying to keep the glitter only on the nail because you’ll never get good coverage if your trying to avoid your skin. You can always clean up any excess glitter with an ear bud and some polish remover when you’re done. If you want to have an accent nail covered in glitter just use the same method but cover your whole nail rather than just the tips. Don’t forget to cover the glitter with a clear top coat to seal it all in and to help to stop the glitter from coming off. Enjoy the sparklies everyone!


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      • I just have one friend at work who likes to paint her nails occasionally. So every time I catch her with naked nails I offer her one of the polishes that I carry around with me (usually 5 bottles). It’s not as good as painting someone else’s nails, but I love it when she tells others that she has access to my secret nail stash (haha, if she knew!).

      • Oh I’m sure she’d be super excited about having access to your collection! I’d be thrilled to share nail polishes with my friends, if only they shared our enthusiasm for nails!

      • Wouldn’t that be awesome? Someone in real life to discuss shades and stamping plates with? Someone to swap polish with without the horrendous costs of shipping?
        We can dream…

      • ahhh that would be amazing!!! I could talk for hours about this stuff if you let me! Hahah
        sadly dreaming is all we’ve got for now

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