White on White



I really love the idea of white on white and black on black, especially when you throw in different finishes like a matte finish put together with a shiny finish. It looks really clean and fresh and modern, which I really like. So I went polish bargain hunting and found a Revlon Matte/Suede finish polish for $5.00 (Australian) Wooo! It’s called Powder Puff in case you were wondering. I paired this polish with a shiny finish white polish that I already have to do some white on white polka dots!

To do this is very easy and quite quick too. You just need to paint on your base colour with the Matte/Suede or whatever finish you prefer, to all your nails. Depending on your polish you may need a few extra coats, as I found when using Powder Puff. I ended up doing 3 coats to get it to look like this. Once of all of your nails are dry you can get going on the polka dots! So you’ll need a palette of some kind to put polish onto, for example a paper plate. I use a piece of plastic, like from the cover of display books. Dab some of the white shiny polish onto your palette and you can then use a dotting tool, even a homemade one like mine to apply the shiny white dots to your nails.

I went with a very straight and easy grid of nine dots and I just did it by eye rather than fussing about perfectly measuring the space between each dot because that’s nuts! And finally, do not do a shiny top coat! Because then you’ll take away the Matte/ Suede finish and that’s not what we want! So if you want your dots to be more shiny compared to the base colour you can just add shiny top coat to the dots using the dotting tool. This is not neccessary because the polish should already have it’s own shininess and it doesn’t really protect the final design if you do it. Whatever suits you is fine! I hope you enjoy this design as much as I do with it’s white on white look!



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