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Elegant Gold Pattern


Elegant Gold Pattern

Black and Gold colours again! I’ve just moved across the world from Australia to Britain for 4 months and I was only able to bring 10 polishes! Not nearly enough! So I’m kinda lacking in colours right now. For the next four months you’ll be seeing the same 10 colours! And also for some reason this is the only picture I have of this design! I can’t believe I remembered to get the progress shot but not the final! 😦 Oh well you can see the final design on one of the nails! That’ll have to be good enough because I’m way too lazy to redo the same design again!

Anyway let’s get into how to do this. You will need 2 colours of polish, a dotting tool (mine’s homemade 😉 ), something to put polish on and a top coat polish. Begin with your base colour and paint all of your nails with as many coats as your polish requires to get a good coverage and colour. Once your base colour is dry put some of your second coloured polish onto your palette of choice, mine is a piece of plastic. Then use your dotting tool to mark out big dots over your nail as shown in the pic on the middle finger. Once you have your markers you should easily be able to add in smaller dots between them to create the diamond shaped criss crossed patterns. I could only fit about 2 little dots between the bigger dots. Then you can apply your top coat and your finished! I hope you enjoy these nails! 🙂 Have a good week!


White on White



I really love the idea of white on white and black on black, especially when you throw in different finishes like a matte finish put together with a shiny finish. It looks really clean and fresh and modern, which I really like. So I went polish bargain hunting and found a Revlon Matte/Suede finish polish for $5.00 (Australian) Wooo! It’s called Powder Puff in case you were wondering. I paired this polish with a shiny finish white polish that I already have to do some white on white polka dots!

To do this is very easy and quite quick too. You just need to paint on your base colour with the Matte/Suede or whatever finish you prefer, to all your nails. Depending on your polish you may need a few extra coats, as I found when using Powder Puff. I ended up doing 3 coats to get it to look like this. Once of all of your nails are dry you can get going on the polka dots! So you’ll need a palette of some kind to put polish onto, for example a paper plate. I use a piece of plastic, like from the cover of display books. Dab some of the white shiny polish onto your palette and you can then use a dotting tool, even a homemade one like mine to apply the shiny white dots to your nails.

I went with a very straight and easy grid of nine dots and I just did it by eye rather than fussing about perfectly measuring the space between each dot because that’s nuts! And finally, do not do a shiny top coat! Because then you’ll take away the Matte/ Suede finish and that’s not what we want! So if you want your dots to be more shiny compared to the base colour you can just add shiny top coat to the dots using the dotting tool. This is not neccessary because the polish should already have it’s own shininess and it doesn’t really protect the final design if you do it. Whatever suits you is fine! I hope you enjoy this design as much as I do with it’s white on white look!


Blue Freckled Nails


Tones of Blue Dots!

This was just a quick job, I rushed it and surprisingly it turned out really good! Yay! So I started out with a base colour of really pale blue with a slight shimmer to it. This is just so that any spaces that I missed with my dots was covered as well.  I used 5 different shades of blue for this, including a blue green colour. I had a dob of each colour polish laid out on a plastic sheet so it was easy to just dip in my dotting tool and randomly place dots all over each of my nails. I had tissues handy to wipe the dotting tool clean before changing colours. I finished it off as always with a shiny top coat, hope you like these blue freckled nails!


Dotted Circles



This week I did some dotted circles on my nails. I used seven polishes for this (four colours, black, white, clear top coat), a dotting tool (mine is home made: a pin stuck into the eraser of a pencil), a spare brush and a sheet of plastic (you can use a paper plate or whatever you like).  

The first thing I did was mix up some polishes to make a new colour. I’ve started doing this more lately because I’m finding that I don’t have colours that I want and I’m too poor to buy new polishes at the moment. So I mix new colours out of what I’ve already got. 😀 For this I mixed black and a metallic silver with tiny glitters in it, to get a smokey, shimmery grey colour which I love. I just mixed the two colours on my plastic with a spare polish brush from an old polish bottle and used that brush to paint all of my nails in this colour. You may need to mix more as you go, but I find that it’s better to have to mix more than to have heaps of left overs that will just be wasted.


Next I chose my three colours for my dotted circles. I used an orange, green and purple. When I put the orange on it didn’t show against the darker polish so I used white in place of the orange and the when it was dry I did the orange over the top so it could be seen. I placed my circles randomly on each nail and started with a centre point for each one. Then I went around the starting dot until I made a circle. I continued this with the two other colours for the next two circles. Last of all I applied a shiny clear top coat to finish!

Dotted Diagonal French Tips



I bought Revlon Whimsical (430) polish a while back and still haven’t had the chance to use it so for this weeks nails Whimsical inspired the whole design. If you want to try this one you will need: Whimsical by Revlon (or another colour if you want), white nail polish (mine is just the cheap BYS one), a dotting tool (again mine is homemade- a little sewing pin stuck into the rubber of a pencil) and a top coat.


First paint your all of your nails with Whimsical. Depending on the intensity of the colour you want you can do however many coats you want. To get mine this colour I applied three coats of the Whimsical polish to make the colour less opaque. With only one coat the colour looked more pearly white rather than the light grey blue colour I got with three.


Next take your dotting tool and dip it into your white polish. I find it helpful to put a dab of the polish onto a piece of plastic or paper to easily dip the dotting tool into. Though the polish can dry out before your done so you may have to put more on. Make a diagonal line on your nail starting at one corner and ending in about the centre of your nail on the opposite side. Note: This picture is of the first one I did and the dots were too big and didn’t look good, so I changed the size of the pin on my homemade dotting tool to make smaller dots. Once you have you diagonal dotted line as a guide you can fill in the section at the top of the nail with dots. You could do it randomly if you want but in my opinion it’s better to do more diagonal dotted lines working your way up until you fill up the whole section.


And finally of course finish them off with a clear shiny top coat. These nails are super cute and really easy to do. I hope you love them as much as I do! 😀

Fuzzy Coat Inspired Nails


.                 IMG_2007               IMG_2014

This design was inspired by Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat- 200 All Yarned Up nail polish that I recently bought. I did a post about it a couple weeks ago: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat. As I explained in that post, I hate waiting for nail polish to dry and with this polish you need to apply at least three coats. So in my impatience I came up with these nails so I would get to use the Fuzzy Coat but not have to wait as long as I only have a few nails with it on. To create this look you will need: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat (any colour), A base colour polish that matches your fuzzy coat colour, a dotting tool (mine’s homemade), a piece of plastic or a surface to put polish on, cotton balls or tissues, 3 other colours that match your fuzzy coat colour and a shiny top coat.


Step 1: Apply the base coat colour to all of your nails. I used a mauve colour from Satin and I only needed one coat.

Step 2: Apply the Fuzzy Coat polish to two nails on one hand and two nails on the other hand as well. My Fussy coat colour is ‘All Yarned Up’. I just chose the nails at random, in case you were wondering. You will need to keep applying coats of this as it dries. I did 4 coats and I kinda of skipped the waiting for it to dry step and just applied the coats over each other while it was wet, which resulted in the little glitter like pieces all being pushed up to the tip of my nail. But eventually I got it looking pretty good.


Step 3: Take your three colours that match your Fuzzy Coat Colour and dab a little of each onto a piece of plastic. With your dotting tool create a line of dots on the remaining nails. Use a cotton ball or tissue so clean the dotting tool between each colour. I used my homemade dotting tool made by sticking a pin into the rubber on the end of a pencil. 

I also don’t have any light pastel coloured polishes that would have matched with the Fuzzy coat so I mixed my polishes. I just dabbed a bit of the colour and white next to each other on the plastic and used my dotting tool to mix it together.


Step 4: This step is optional if you just want to keep it like that. I just wanted to add a little extra so I chose one nail and covered it all in dots using the same colours from before. I tried to evenly spread out the colours as much as possible, but other than that the dot placement was entirely random.

Step 5: Apply a clear shiny top coat to all of your nails and it’s all done. Have fun!

.               IMG_2008                IMG_2015




Blue and White Patterned Nails. As I have mentioned before blue is my favourite colour, which is why I chose blue today! 😀 I paired it with white to brighten it up a little. Ok, so here’s how I did it. First I painted my nails the medium blue colour. This was a quick drying polish because I’m impatient and for the next step you need the polish to be completely dry. Next I cut masking tape into triangles and stuck them over the dry nail polish in the middle section of my nails. To create an interesting look I stuck them facing different ways rather than all the same way. Once I’d stuck the triangles to all of my nails, I painted the top and bottom exposed sections in either white or light blue in no particular order. I even did some of them with both the top and bottom sections in the same colour.


Once this has all dried completely, I used my home made dotting tool to create the patterns in each section. I didn’t want to over do it so I left some sections blank with only the colour showing. I did dots in some sections and tried not to repeat dots in the same section on each nail. I also did lines, still using my homemade dotting tool, in other sections, where again I tried not to repeat the lines in the same section on each nail too much.


After the polish is dry, apply a top coat and they’re done! I like the way it looks but I think the colours contrast too starkly, so I would recommend using colours in the same tonal range. For example all pastel tones or all dark tones. This will reduce the starkness of the contrast between colours and soften the overall look. I hope you enjoy it!