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Christmas Trees!



I know I’m very delayed with this one because Christmas has come and gone ages ago but I did some christmas trees on my Mum on Christmas day and I’ve been so slack recently because of new years and then moving to the UK to study for 3 months! So I’ve been very busy and I’m only just settling in even though I’ve been here a week already! haha So I did some little christmas trees on my mum using green glitter! I got her to paint her nails silver because she gets really fussy with her nails and if I do it she’ll find a million things wrong with it!!

Anyway once she’d done and it was all dry I started putting masking tape over the nails that she wanted Christmas trees on. I cut up heaps of little triangles out of masking tape and made the christmas tree shape. It’s really difficult to describe and I didn’t take a picture whoops, but I’ll do my best. I stuck two pieces of triangular shaped tape to the top if the nail to create the tip of the tree. The another two below that with the points facing toward each other, which will form the complete top of the tree and the top lines of the second level of the tree. I continued this until I ran out of nail. I did one all the way to the bottom but I didn’t like it and so I stuck another piece of masking tape along the bottom to cut off the bottom bit on all the others and we liked that better!


Once all the nails you want to have trees on are taped up you can paint these nails with green polish, or whatever colour your glitter is so that if there are gaps in the glitter then it won’t be as obvious!  While the green polish is still wet use a sponge to dab some green glitter onto it so that it will have something to stick to. If your having trouble making it stick put some of the green  or clear polish onto the sponge and then add the glitter over that on the sponge and use this to dab the glitter on. It should have no trouble sticking if you do it that way. The you need to wait and wait until it’s completely dry before removing the tape, otherwise the lines of the tree won’t be as defined and it will look sloppy. When it’s dry carefully peel back the tape which should all come of at once because the triangle pieces were overlapping and should be stuck to one another. Then the Christmas trees will be revealed!! As always do a shiny top coat to protect the design especially because there are bits of loose glitter, and it’s all finished! Enjoy these late Christmas trees! And hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!