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Elegant Gold Pattern


Elegant Gold Pattern

Black and Gold colours again! I’ve just moved across the world from Australia to Britain for 4 months and I was only able to bring 10 polishes! Not nearly enough! So I’m kinda lacking in colours right now. For the next four months you’ll be seeing the same 10 colours! And also for some reason this is the only picture I have of this design! I can’t believe I remembered to get the progress shot but not the final! 😦 Oh well you can see the final design on one of the nails! That’ll have to be good enough because I’m way too lazy to redo the same design again!

Anyway let’s get into how to do this. You will need 2 colours of polish, a dotting tool (mine’s homemade 😉 ), something to put polish on and a top coat polish. Begin with your base colour and paint all of your nails with as many coats as your polish requires to get a good coverage and colour. Once your base colour is dry put some of your second coloured polish onto your palette of choice, mine is a piece of plastic. Then use your dotting tool to mark out big dots over your nail as shown in the pic on the middle finger. Once you have your markers you should easily be able to add in smaller dots between them to create the diamond shaped criss crossed patterns. I could only fit about 2 little dots between the bigger dots. Then you can apply your top coat and your finished! I hope you enjoy these nails! 🙂 Have a good week!





Hellooo!! I haven’t ben posting for a while because I hate to say it but I’ve been lazy! Moving across to the other side of the world will do that to you! So, I bought these stickers at the Big Design Market in Melbourne a couple of months ago before I came to Britain and I’ve finally decided to try them out! They’re really easy to use and I’ve included pics of the front and back of the packaging, which has the instructions for how to use these stickers.


I found that they didn’t stick on the ends very well on the tips of my nails. I had to use clear nail polish underneath to tips to help to stick it down, other than that they did what they were supposed to do!!


Christmas Trees!



I know I’m very delayed with this one because Christmas has come and gone ages ago but I did some christmas trees on my Mum on Christmas day and I’ve been so slack recently because of new years and then moving to the UK to study for 3 months! So I’ve been very busy and I’m only just settling in even though I’ve been here a week already! haha So I did some little christmas trees on my mum using green glitter! I got her to paint her nails silver because she gets really fussy with her nails and if I do it she’ll find a million things wrong with it!!

Anyway once she’d done and it was all dry I started putting masking tape over the nails that she wanted Christmas trees on. I cut up heaps of little triangles out of masking tape and made the christmas tree shape. It’s really difficult to describe and I didn’t take a picture whoops, but I’ll do my best. I stuck two pieces of triangular shaped tape to the top if the nail to create the tip of the tree. The another two below that with the points facing toward each other, which will form the complete top of the tree and the top lines of the second level of the tree. I continued this until I ran out of nail. I did one all the way to the bottom but I didn’t like it and so I stuck another piece of masking tape along the bottom to cut off the bottom bit on all the others and we liked that better!


Once all the nails you want to have trees on are taped up you can paint these nails with green polish, or whatever colour your glitter is so that if there are gaps in the glitter then it won’t be as obvious!  While the green polish is still wet use a sponge to dab some green glitter onto it so that it will have something to stick to. If your having trouble making it stick put some of the green  or clear polish onto the sponge and then add the glitter over that on the sponge and use this to dab the glitter on. It should have no trouble sticking if you do it that way. The you need to wait and wait until it’s completely dry before removing the tape, otherwise the lines of the tree won’t be as defined and it will look sloppy. When it’s dry carefully peel back the tape which should all come of at once because the triangle pieces were overlapping and should be stuck to one another. Then the Christmas trees will be revealed!! As always do a shiny top coat to protect the design especially because there are bits of loose glitter, and it’s all finished! Enjoy these late Christmas trees! And hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

White on White



I really love the idea of white on white and black on black, especially when you throw in different finishes like a matte finish put together with a shiny finish. It looks really clean and fresh and modern, which I really like. So I went polish bargain hunting and found a Revlon Matte/Suede finish polish for $5.00 (Australian) Wooo! It’s called Powder Puff in case you were wondering. I paired this polish with a shiny finish white polish that I already have to do some white on white polka dots!

To do this is very easy and quite quick too. You just need to paint on your base colour with the Matte/Suede or whatever finish you prefer, to all your nails. Depending on your polish you may need a few extra coats, as I found when using Powder Puff. I ended up doing 3 coats to get it to look like this. Once of all of your nails are dry you can get going on the polka dots! So you’ll need a palette of some kind to put polish onto, for example a paper plate. I use a piece of plastic, like from the cover of display books. Dab some of the white shiny polish onto your palette and you can then use a dotting tool, even a homemade one like mine to apply the shiny white dots to your nails.

I went with a very straight and easy grid of nine dots and I just did it by eye rather than fussing about perfectly measuring the space between each dot because that’s nuts! And finally, do not do a shiny top coat! Because then you’ll take away the Matte/ Suede finish and that’s not what we want! So if you want your dots to be more shiny compared to the base colour you can just add shiny top coat to the dots using the dotting tool. This is not neccessary because the polish should already have it’s own shininess and it doesn’t really protect the final design if you do it. Whatever suits you is fine! I hope you enjoy this design as much as I do with it’s white on white look!


Blue Freckled Nails


Tones of Blue Dots!

This was just a quick job, I rushed it and surprisingly it turned out really good! Yay! So I started out with a base colour of really pale blue with a slight shimmer to it. This is just so that any spaces that I missed with my dots was covered as well.  I used 5 different shades of blue for this, including a blue green colour. I had a dob of each colour polish laid out on a plastic sheet so it was easy to just dip in my dotting tool and randomly place dots all over each of my nails. I had tissues handy to wipe the dotting tool clean before changing colours. I finished it off as always with a shiny top coat, hope you like these blue freckled nails!


Night Time Sparklies For My Friend!


Night Time Sparklies for my Friend!

I painted my friends nails when she came over last week. We decided on a simple black with silver glitter on the tips. I also did a full glitter nail accent on the middle nails. I’ve done something like this before but with a clear base polish. You can find it here.

So if you want nail this look, you just need to start with a base coat of black polish on all of your nails. Once that’s dry take a sponge, I used a course  one because I find that it applies glitter better than a make up sponge, but a make up sponge will still work. There are a few ways to do the glitter. You can use a range of polishes with glitter already in them, preferably a clear polish. You can dab it onto your sponge and then again dab the sponge onto your nail where you want the glitter to be.

The way I did it was using loose glitter powder. I have it in a little tub which is the perfect size to dip my sponge into. To make the glitter stick to the nails, I apply a clear polish onto the sponge before dipping it in glitter. Then apply the glitter to your nail only to the tips, I generally do it for half my nail so it becomes a gradual dispersion of the glitter. I never worry about trying to keep the glitter only on the nail because you’ll never get good coverage if your trying to avoid your skin. You can always clean up any excess glitter with an ear bud and some polish remover when you’re done. If you want to have an accent nail covered in glitter just use the same method but cover your whole nail rather than just the tips. Don’t forget to cover the glitter with a clear top coat to seal it all in and to help to stop the glitter from coming off. Enjoy the sparklies everyone!

All Wrapped Up!


All Wrapped Up!

It’ll be Christmas soon so I’ve done some Christmas inspired nails! I’ve done some shimmery purple present nails wrapped in silver ribbon and 3 little white baubles for decoration. They’re super easy to do and pretty quick as well. First thing you need to do is choose your colour, I went with silver and purple because they’re the only two shimmery colours I have that work together and I wanted a festive look. I also used a plain white polish for the baubles.


Now you just need to paint all of your nails with one coloured polish, in my case the purple. Once dry you can do the off centre cross that makes the ribbon. I just used the polish brush that came with the polish and lightly traced the lines onto my nails. You need to be very careful not to make the line too thick if you do it this way. Otherwise you can use a thin brush to do these lines. Again you need to wait for this to dry before doing the next part, which is the little baubles over the intersection of your cross. You will need to use a dotting tool and by now you should know mine ishomemade with a sewing pin stuck into the eraser of a pencil. I put a little polish onto a plastic sheet to make it easier to dip my dotting tool into. You just need to dab three dots onto the part of lines that cross over in a little triangle.

Finally finish off with a clear shiny top coat and the look is finished! You’ll be all wrapped up and ready for Christmas! I hope you enjoy this look and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!