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All Wrapped Up!


All Wrapped Up!

It’ll be Christmas soon so I’ve done some Christmas inspired nails! I’ve done some shimmery purple present nails wrapped in silver ribbon and 3 little white baubles for decoration. They’re super easy to do and pretty quick as well. First thing you need to do is choose your colour, I went with silver and purple because they’re the only two shimmery colours I have that work together and I wanted a festive look. I also used a plain white polish for the baubles.


Now you just need to paint all of your nails with one coloured polish, in my case the purple. Once dry you can do the off centre cross that makes the ribbon. I just used the polish brush that came with the polish and lightly traced the lines onto my nails. You need to be very careful not to make the line too thick if you do it this way. Otherwise you can use a thin brush to do these lines. Again you need to wait for this to dry before doing the next part, which is the little baubles over the intersection of your cross. You will need to use a dotting tool and by now you should know mine ishomemade with a sewing pin stuck into the eraser of a pencil. I put a little polish onto a plastic sheet to make it easier to dip my dotting tool into. You just need to dab three dots onto the part of lines that cross over in a little triangle.

Finally finish off with a clear shiny top coat and the look is finished! You’ll be all wrapped up and ready for Christmas! I hope you enjoy this look and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Netted Nails



This week I experimented with using a net to create a pattern on my nails. First I painted my all my nails alternating between silver and black. I just chose these two colours at random. Next I took an old netted glove bought from the $2 shop and cut it so that it could be laid out flat.



Now comes the experimental part. I tried applying polish to to net first and then pressing the net down onto my nail. This worked ok for the silver pressed onto the black but my  black nail polish for some reason did not want to transfer from the net to my nail nicely.


 So next I tried placing the net over the top of my nail with out any polish on it and then using the nail polish brush I just dabbed the polish into the holes. This worked out much much better! So I did this for all of my nails, using the alternate colours to what I first painted my nails. That it I using silver polish over the black polish and black polish over the silver polish. 


The end result kind of reminds me of a giraffe’s spots, which I find really funny! If I had used brown and yellow it would have made the perfect giraffe pattern. As always I finished it off with a top coat and for this one I needed to clean around my nails a little with an ear bud and some nail polish remover. Enjoy!




This is my glittery version of a french tip manicure. To do this I started with a natural toned nail polish that is still clear but with a pinky tinge to it. Then I got a course sponge and two different kinds of glitter in clear nail polish. One with small glitter and the other with larger glitters. I applied the smaller glittered polish directly onto the edge of the sponge and the dabbed it over the tip of my nail and continued to do this until the whole tip is covered. I also applied glitter to the middle section of my nails but not as much as at the tip so it has a gradient going into the tip.
Then over the top of that I added the larger glittered nail polish to give it some variety in size. Once all of it was dry I put a clear top coat to protect the glitter and prevent chipping. I really like this look, it’s very elegant looking. You could also do this same process but with a colour underneath. I think black with the silver glitter would look great!