Blue and White Patterned Nails. As I have mentioned before blue is my favourite colour, which is why I chose blue today! 😀 I paired it with white to brighten it up a little. Ok, so here’s how I did it. First I painted my nails the medium blue colour. This was a quick drying polish because I’m impatient and for the next step you need the polish to be completely dry. Next I cut masking tape into triangles and stuck them over the dry nail polish in the middle section of my nails. To create an interesting look I stuck them facing different ways rather than all the same way. Once I’d stuck the triangles to all of my nails, I painted the top and bottom exposed sections in either white or light blue in no particular order. I even did some of them with both the top and bottom sections in the same colour.


Once this has all dried completely, I used my home made dotting tool to create the patterns in each section. I didn’t want to over do it so I left some sections blank with only the colour showing. I did dots in some sections and tried not to repeat dots in the same section on each nail. I also did lines, still using my homemade dotting tool, in other sections, where again I tried not to repeat the lines in the same section on each nail too much.


After the polish is dry, apply a top coat and they’re done! I like the way it looks but I think the colours contrast too starkly, so I would recommend using colours in the same tonal range. For example all pastel tones or all dark tones. This will reduce the starkness of the contrast between colours and soften the overall look. I hope you enjoy it!


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